Entry Level Ceremony

We congratulated our Entry Level Year 9 students today with certificates for ending their course. We are very proud of them for achieving their first qualification so early on and look forward to more hard work in Years 10 and 11. A special thank you to the English department for all their hard work this year also.



Duffryn Ceremony

We welcomed a host of visitors, including the Mayor and other dignitaries,  this morning for our “cutting of the sod” ceremony to mark the building work for the new school. We also buried a time capsule, to be opened in 50 years time, containing many commemorative items including pupil work, newsletters and curriculum plans.


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Attendance Rewards Assemblies

Our final attendance rewards assemblies of the year were held this week with lots of prizes given out. The school has increase attendance by 0.9% this year, with more students than ever attending school regularly. The winners of the 100% attendance laptops were Nate Sinclair (Year 7) and Mengni Yu (Year 10). A huge congratulations to everybody!


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